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For global organisations looking to implement enterprise-class software, Concept™ is the workplace technology solution of choice, promoted by FSI Partners for the delivery of facilities and maintenance management, driving revenue through projects and delivering return on investment.

FSI Global Limited is a market-leading group of companies. Its core spans over two decades and FSI has been a major influence on workplace technology for the built environment, delivering a truly versatile business tool. Sector and regional knowledge, and an insider’s understanding of the many considerations that influence strategic software buying in the 21st century, have helped FSI Partners to play a central role in taking Concept™ to the heart of the business solution.

Pat Curran, Chairman, explains: “FSI Global Limited continues to deliver industry leading products and services to the workplace on an international scale. With our Partners, we strive to reach all corners of the globe and to bring Concept™ to the core of the business.”

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